Subsection 1 | Introduction

Dearest Ladies, and Gentlemen, and Androgynous,

You may wonder how physics is pertinent to the female sex. Or why I even bother with physics at all. As noted elsewhere, it is not necessary to start reading here. Though I do encourage new arrivals to start at the beginning, the general idea of this writing collection is that you can pick and choose your quick morsels as you please, in any order you please, according to whatever strikes your fancy at the moment.

But, the reason I begin with physics is that the beginning of a journey often defines or influences important characteristics of a journey. The beginning may frame how a journey develops. The beginning may set limits to the journey, or may hint at problems that arise later in the journey. The beginning might include solutions in a journey. The beginning may significantly influence a journey’s tone, color or overall sense.

In this particular case, our journey is considering what we are as Women. And the beginning of those considerations must necessarily start with Mother Nature, because Mother Nature is what created us. And Mother Nature Herself arose from physics. So it comes as no surprise that some aspects of the nature of physics frame and influence some of the characteristics of Mother Nature.

In short, consider physics an ‘antipasto’ to a meal about Mother Nature. Enjoy the flavors!

This subsection has eight chapters which can be outlined as follows:

· Our current knowledge of cosmological time and physics (written recently)

· Einstein and relativity (written about 100 years ago)

· Newton, matter and energy (written about 300 years ago)

· Galileo and gravity (written about 400 years ago)

· Pre-Socratics (written about 2400 years ago, in 400 BC)

· The miracles of air, earth, fire and water (written around 2000 BC)

· An ode to water (written around 3000 BC)

· The arrow of time (written recently)