The Elena Papers is an independent publication launched in January 2023 by Elena Eleadi and some friends. The site features content primarily written by Elena Eleadi, a woman who was born in ancient Sumer around 3500 BC and who continues living today. There is also content written by friends and acquaintances.

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If you have just arrived, we recommend starting with the 'Dedication and Introduction' section on the Homepage. There, Elena explains what this publication is about and what its main parts include.

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Who is Elena Eleadi?

Elena Eleadi was born around 3500 BC. Around the age of 20-25, she stopped aging but continued living. She changed her name a few times from 3500 BC to 1500 BC. Eventually, she settled on the Greek words Elena Eleadi in 1000 BC. "Elena" derives from the ancient Greek term for "shining light". "Eleadi" derives from the ancient Greek term for "freshwater nymph".

Elena prefers to keep her life anonymous, but for centuries she has wanted to create a 'library for women'.

Elena is a lover of women.

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