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Dearest Ladies, Gentlemen and Androgynous

This is a brief introduction to Part 1 of my writings. Part 1 collects my general thoughts about Women and what it means to be a Woman. This Part has eight sections, each section having eight subsections, and each subsection having eight chapters or essays. The essays consider aspects of our biology as animals, our biology as Women, our senses and perception, our feelings and emotions, how we interact as Women, how we are as Mothers, who we are as Women and concludes with a small bible for Women.

Originally I had additional sections, but my wonderful editors made the judicious suggestion to move those sections to Part 4, since those essays deal with other topics not strictly related to Women.

To the young women who arrive here, I wish to say the following: if you are wondering where to start, start with Part 1. The purpose of Part 1 is to pass on to you especially what I have learned about Womanhood while living my long life. Part 1 is fashioned somewhat like a tree. It begins with a foundation on what Science continues to reveal to us about the miraculous beauty of Mother Nature. As I say often enough, it is important to know our roots and history, in order to better understand our paths forward. From there, Part 1 branches out into different aspects of Womanhood, all of them being vital to who and what we are. Hopefully what I have to say about the natural state of Women gives you some food for thought and some sunlight for your confidence and vision.