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Dearest Ladies, Gentlemen and Androgynous

This is a brief introduction to Part 4. Part 4 collects my writings that did not fit properly in Parts 1, 2 or 3. These writings are generally in essay format, and consider various topics not strictly pertinent to Womanhood.

More importantly, Part 4 is intended to start meaningful conversations. But not just internet forum style conversation threads, of which there are plenty, if not too many, already present on the World Wide Web. Rather, I believe it would be helpful for all of us to read the in-depth writings of others, so that, at a minimum, we can reflect on the rich tapestry of our varied humanity.

So I would like to encourage that website members use the ‘contact form’ at the bottom of any page or post, to notify my editors and myself of a topic and type of writing you would like to submit for posting in Part 4. The type of writing can be non-fictional or fictional. We are always open to suggestions. We will review your request and advise accordingly.

Graciously yours and with infinite gratitude:

Elena Eleadi