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December 23, 2022

Dearest Elena,

Samantha and I have both read your long and beautiful email (actually we printed it out and read it together about an hour ago), and we just wanted to confirm we are both free to accept your Christmas lunch invitation on Sunday.

Normally we spend Christmas in Samantha’s hometown at Dad’s cabin, but this year none of us were in the mood, and Dad didn’t want to deal with the firewood and chimney and preparing the cabin and setting up a real tree, etc. So we’re all staying in New York. Tomorrow we’ll spend Christmas Eve together with Dad and my boyfriend and some of Samantha’s friends.

But Sunday we are both available to come over to your place for lunch. And don’t worry, we will keep your address private.

Samantha adds that it would be good to set up a weekly meeting schedule to discuss the project as we proceed with it. She (and I) feel that meeting once a week is perfect to review face-to-face the website organization, layout and content, and any important text edits. By having an established weekly meeting for the foreseeable future, we can reserve email correspondence during the week for more minor items. Obviously, this is pending your confirmation. We can discuss it on Sunday.

I just want to add that your email has left Samantha and me a bit dumbfounded, sad, elated and excited. It is a weird mix of feelings! There is so much in your email that for now, we’re going to digest it for a couple of days and we can talk about it on Sunday.

But, in the meantime, yes, we can confirm to everyone that, despite my mental idol, you’re not a deity!

Sincerely and with warmth

Elizabeth and Samantha