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December 17, 2022

Dearest Elizabeth,

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and I can see your father’s passionate spirit truly lives on in you. Your youthful enthusiasm for the project touched me deeply. While I certainly understand your passions, it is always a wonderfully refreshing and enlightening experience to see and feel youthful passion.

My email is just a brief memorandum to say that I much preferred your option five for style and layout. I realize there are fancier templates, but my general sense when browsing online is that there is already too much competition for visual attention. So for me, the cleaner and more Spartan, the better. Also, I imagine many of our readers will be on cellphones, with smaller screens and limited visual space. So the less clutter, the better in my opinion.

Similarly, I agree that we should use a sans-serif font for the newsletter. The default Arial font on Wikipedia is nice, but I am open to alternatives.

As you noted, the background color is extremely important. I am quite partial to the light gray because it gives the webpage a calm, neutral feeling. But I do agree that it is beneficial if website users have the option to change the background color to white for legibility reasons. Later, once your staff has a good operational flow with the website, we can review any weekly or monthly color changes you want to recommend.

As discussed, we should stay focused on the text for now and use images sparingly. When images are introduced, they should be black and white or grayscale. Later on, we can evaluate where and when to use color images.

I adore the homepage image you showed me, with the sunflowers being cradled in the arms of a woman. It is a wonderful choice! Thank you!

Finally, I wanted to briefly reiterate our discussions regarding your concerns about some of the content. As we discussed, the principal intent of the text is to show how young women may empower themselves by acquiring knowledge about the wonderful sex they have inherited from Mother Nature. Not everyone will agree or even be interested in much of what I say here. This is perfectly normal and acceptable. I am sure there will be some criticisms and impassioned discussions about some parts of the text- whether it is too explicit, or not inclusive enough or too biased or too neutral….

The marvelous thing is, such is the human condition! So let us welcome the positive and the negative comments with open arms. If I have learned one thing in my long life it is that, just as Mother Nature improves, so can we. There is always room for improvement.

For myself, as a lover of wonderful Women, I simply want to give back to Women what I have learned from them.

It was an enormous pleasure to meet you. I agree we should meet more often and I look forward to meeting Samantha as well.

Thank you for the curry chicken recipe!

Graciously yours and with infinite thanks:

Elena Eleadi