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Dearest Ladies, Gentlemen and Androgynous,

My name is Elena Eleadi. Thank you for taking the time to read my diary. The Introduction discusses the contents of my diary in a little more detail, so here I will clarify what my diary is not. It is not merely a lesbian love story, nor indeed a simple, personal story of any sort. It is not a single type or genre of writing, and it is not exclusively nonfiction, nor exclusively fiction.

Rather my diary is a collection of my writings that contain all of the above and more. Primarily, my diary records my thoughts, feelings and fantasies about Women and what it is to be a Woman. Primarily, I had Women in mind while writing my diary. This is why I often address Women directly in the text. Therefore, it is no surprise that the majority of my diary’s content concerns Womanhood in the broadest sense.

My diary is not meant to be a ten course meal consumed in one sitting. In fact, I would recommend considering my diary as a buffet, where you may freely select any particular content and savor and digest it in small bites. Think of the individual website posts of my diary as morsels, intended to provide a little food for thought and positive feeling. The only pieces of my diary that come closer to a typical three course meal are some of the longer fiction stories.

I dedicate my diary to all the Women in the world, especially young Women from puberty to young adulthood. Young Ladies, I hope that my essays will help you realize that you have more natural power and strength than you can imagine. You have great control over your lives and destinies, notwithstanding the pressures you may feel from what is expected of you by your parents, relatives, friends, social media circles and society at large. Remember that you always have choices, even when it seems like you have none at all.

Let me repeat: You always have choices.

Though my diary is dedicated to Women, I would like to encourage everyone else to take a moment to read and savor the content. I hope my musings provide small contemplative meals, with occasional sugar and spice.

Why do I dedicate my diary to Women? Because I love Women. Why do I love Women? Because Women are:

· Wonderful

· Magnificent

· Beautiful

· Masterful

· Sublime

· Subtle

· Sexy

· Supremely “delizioso” (from the Italian, which means that you experience intense physical, spiritual and esthetic pleasure.)

· Powerful

· Athletic

· Intelligent

· Diplomatic

· Respectful

· Nice

· Empathetic

· Caring

· Lovely

· Motherly

· Mothers

That last word may perturb some of you, but do not fret. Though I deeply love Women and our natural ability to be motherly, I do not mean to be in exclusionary in any way. I will explain the notion of Mothers in more detail in later chapters. For now, “Mothers” is simply part of my short list of characteristics that forever nourishes my love for Women.

I could add many more words to that list, but the characteristics I have chosen to highlight are, in my personal view, Women’s best qualities.

My deep, everlasting love for Women also flourishes from the realization that Women are naturally designed and particularly well suited to manage the five miracles of Mother Nature. What are these five miracles?

1) Motherhood

2) Love

3) Pleasure

4) Life

5) Beauty

The following text explains why I have listed these miracles in that particular order.

When Mother Nature designed maternal behavior, the instinct to sacrifice oneself for the good of offspring, it designed a superb mechanism to promote the well-being of any given species. Maternal behavior is present in many classes of species, not just mammals.

Our species, Homo sapiens, also thrives on that maternal behavior. And it thrives even more on Motherhood, on the capacity of Mothers to care for their children with trust, empathy and instinctive ethics and morals. When children absorb these qualities from their Mothers, our species improves as a whole. In fact, one might say that without the love, warmth, trust, empathy and ethics that Mothers instill and coax in their children, without this miraculous process of emotional, intellectual and spiritual osmosis, we would be far worse as a species, if not extinct altogether.

Motherhood is much more than just a natural being possessing the eggs and mitochondrial DNA of a species. Motherhood is more than the ability to be pregnant, to gestate a fetus and to give birth. Motherhood is also about the unconditional and fierce love Mothers have for their infants. It is also about the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly struggles and sacrifices Mothers make to care for their children and to encourage their children to grow and flourish and mature into good, empathetic and loving adults.

For the foreseeable future, we as a species will depend on Motherhood, on more sophisticated, empathetic, ethical and trusting Mothers. No technology will be able to substitute this. In fact, no technology should substitute Motherhood. It would be unethical to have technology supplant Motherhood since we are Natural Beings. So long as we are biological, we will, and should, depend on Mothers to conceive, gestate and care for children, thereby improving our species with each generation, imparting ever more love, empathy and respect.

In short, Motherhood is the foundation and core engine of our humanity. One might consider it Mother Nature’s ultimate miracle.

In my long, long life I have loved many, many, many women, and also some men from time to time. It has been a gloriously wonderful experience to have loved and shared spirit, mind, emotion and body with so many others over 5,500 years. In these posts, I share some of those loves and experiences to reflect on the wonderful variety of the human condition. More importantly, I share those loves and experiences to highlight the positive power of Love. For me, Love is the second of Mother Nature’s great miracles. Because from the capacity to Love comes the ability to like, to admire, to respect, to reason ethically and morally. Love, and its root emotion empathy, are the bedrock of a positive and progressive life form that feeds on emotions and social bonds. Love makes Motherhood possible because it makes Motherhood not just a process of conception and care, but a process of conception, care and giving with goodness, feeling and spiritual strength.

The third miracle of Mother Nature is pleasure. We often take for granted our capacity to experience simple pleasure. But pleasure, and its negative twin sister pain, have allowed Mother Nature to fashion ever more positive and progressive life forms. The feedback loop of pleasure is the most impressive natural motivating mechanism imaginable. Think for a moment of an existence where one does not experience any pleasure in sleeping, stretching, caressing, hugging, eating, drinking or having sex. Imagine not having pleasure in playing or doing any activity one feels a natural affinity for. A world without pleasure would be a sterile world in which life would quickly go extinct from mere ennui. We owe a lot to pleasure. Pleasure makes Love possible because we all have a need to feel good.

The fourth miracle of Mother Nature is Life itself. Knowing that Earth is the only planet in our solar system to have life, it is easy to imagine a universe full of rocks and gases that dance through space but remain lifeless. Such a barren, cold space! And yet, we would be mistaken to think that the universe is empty of Life. There are only eight planets in our solar system. So, speaking very broadly, there is a 10%-15% probability for any solar system to have a planet with life. That may sound like a small probability, but given the characteristics of space, with its lack of gravity, heat and light, that probability is actually quite significant. Mother Nature and Her ability to create life everywhere on our planet, even in the harshest environments, is a testament to the hidden wisdom of the universal laws and methods that allow life to exist. Especially when you realize that life is not just about living, but also about improving the environment, the context, the society in which life takes part. Life always evolves through constant change. Life has a definite forward moving impulse. It is a universal arrow. Life’s inherent positivity makes Love possible.

The fifth miracle of Nature is the ability to see Beauty. There are many facets to Beauty, but fundamental to Beauty is the recognition of the essence of Nature as a positive force. When life recognizes life, when life reflects life, when life sees life, there is Beauty. And our particular ability to see Beauty allows us to see Beauty not just in Nature, in natural events (sunrises and sunsets) and natural forms (flowers, children, our lovers), but also in inanimate objects (minerals, space), and in the works of humans (sculptures, paintings, literature, crafts, architecture and above all, music.) Therefore, one may say that Beauty makes Life possible.

In short: Motherhood is our humanity, Love is our ethics, Pleasure is our goodness, Life is our motivation and Beauty is our mirror. The five ‘horsewomen of positivity’. And Women are exceptionally suited to negotiate these miracles.

When I was born 5,500 years ago, we started to undergo the Dawn of Men. Today we are undergoing the Dawn of Women. I elucidate these concepts in other posts. But for now, I will note that Women are starting to govern more nations, states and local governments. Women are assuming more authority in the public and private sectors. As leaders, Women shall provide more ethical, moral and empathetic improvements to our global framework. And Women will continue to infuse our global framework with the warmth and love it truly deserves.

It is a time of great rejoicing that we as a species have finally arrived at a point where we can have a Dawn of Women. I am convinced that Women will be an enormously positive force in the global framework. So Men, be happy that we will share your burdens, so that you may also share a little more of our burdens as family caretakers. Together, hand in hand, we shall progress as an improved, more equitable species.